Dave Hammer Music
Dave Hammer Music

The Bear The Bear

The Bear

December 2019
Recorded by Jim Stewart, Joseph Faison IV, and Wilton Wall
Artwork by Lindsay Tomlinson

Small Tales - Cans Small Tales


December 2016
Recorded at Long Gone New Orleans and Tangerine Akron
Artwork by Chase Ogle

DHPS Wagon CD Dave Hammer Dave Hammer's Power Supply


Released 06 August 2015
Recorded and Mixed by Rick Fuller at Tone Wolf Studios; Wagon and Sallie Mae mixed by Spencer Martin; Mastered by Spencer Martin

Tall Tales CD Dave Hammer Tall Tales

Tall Tales

Released 18 December 2014
Recorded Live at Studio 45 Akron, Ohio.
Recorded and Produced by Rick Fuller

Dave Hammer Hallelujahs On it's Way Dave Hammer

Hallelujahs On It's Way

Recorded - 2013
Photography by Mckenzie Beynon
Design by Duhon Designs

DHPS Greasy CD Dave Hammer Dave Hammer's Power Supply

Greasy (CD)

Released 12 July 2013
Recorded at Prime Time Studios
Produced/mixed/mastered by S. Martin C. Saff
Artwork by Brian Parsons

Dave Hammer's Power Supply

Aht Uh Yo Hed

Released 06 June 2012
Recorded/mixed/mastered by Spencer Martin
Artwork by Brian Parsons
Design by Heidi Rolf

DHPS Words CD Dave Hammer Dave Hammer's Power Supply


Released 09 June 2011
Recorded at Tangerine Studios by Ben Vehorn
Mastered by Chris Hanzsek
Artwork and Design by Heidi Rolf


Live at the Spot

The 2011-12 University of Akron jazz fusion ensemble, created by Jack Schantz and Mark Gonder. The Spot is a privately operated art space in Akron, OH which promotes the presentation and appreciation of local artists and musicians.